Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cutting it Close (Puppy Edition)...

The Facts

Fletcher had never been groomed. He got groomed.

His Side

Having a puppy is like having a baby… so I’m told. I’ve never had a baby, so I just have to take everyone’s word for it. With that being said, “firsts” are a big deal. The first time he jumps up on the couch by himself (he’s been doing that a lot recently). The first time he goes to the vet. His first shots. And, more recently, his first trip to the groomer. We set up the appointment for 7:00am because they said it would take three to four hours to complete the grooming. That seems like a long time for how little our puppy is. But, with that time frame in mind, we had to set it up as early as possible so I could pick him up before I headed into work. As most of you know, Kristi is not a morning person. But, like a worrisome mother, she wanted to go with Fletcher to drop him off at the groomer. Just to drop him off… but I’m glad she cares enough to get up that early and go with him. 

on the way
So, we went together and dropped the little guy off. Unfortunately, he had gotten a few mats and tangles so they said they might have to shave him. I was nervous that he would look like a rat if they had to shave him. But, if that’s what had to be done, we would do it. His hair would grow back in no time, I’m sure. We left him and got back in bed. It was nice not having a whining dog annoy us as we went back to bed to catch a little extra shuteye. 

They called us less than two hours later (so much for three to four hours) and told us he was ready. I had a meeting to go to at that time so Kristi went to pick him up. After my meeting, I was anxious to get home and see our newly groomed puppy. When I got in, I couldn’t help but laugh. He just looked so different! Luckily they didn’t have to shave him all the way down so he still has a little bit of fur. And, I must say, he looks rather dapper. If we took him to a dog park, he’d get a lot of attention from the lady dogs, I’m sure!

He may look a little different but he certainly doesn’t act any differently. He still has more energy than we can handle sometimes and is still just as curious and mischievous as ever. Another little perk is that his fur is so soft! We love him and are so happy that he has proven to be the cutest puppy in the universe even with much, much shorter hair.

Her Side

So, Fletcher is pretty much the cutest dog ever (no offense to anyone who thinks their dog is indeed the cutest… we all can’t win, right?) Even though Fletcher was perfectly adorable like he was, it was time for him to get groomed. He loves running around outside and, with that, comes a certain amount of tangles in his fur and a distinct musk. We do bathe our dog, but there is just a certain cleanliness that comes from having a professional do it. We were ready about a month ago to have it done, but apparently they couldn’t groom him until he had his rabies shot or something… wimps. Seriously, though, I’m kidding. I get it, it’s for their protection.

Well, on the day that he got his rabies shot we went to set up his grooming appointment. Fletcher goes to the vet in Petsmart (they have been great so far) so we decided to give the groomers in Petsmart a shot as well… and it didn’t hurt that we had a coupon for his first session! We decided to take him to get groomed on a day that Nolan goes into work late in the hopes that dropping him off and picking him up could be done all before Nolan headed to work. So, Nolan chose the ungodly hour of 7:00 on a Monday morning to drop off our beloved puppy to get groomed.

See, still cute!
Since we are “those” pet parents, I decided since it was Fletcher’s first time getting groomed that his mommy and daddy should take him together. This choice pretty much solidified what I’ve known all along… I’m not a morning person. The alarms went off and Nolan and I had determined the drop dead last minute we would need to leave our house by in order to arrive to Fletcher’s appointment in a timely fashion. Nolan jumped out of bed at the sound of the alarm, but I just wanted five more minutes. Oops! No need to fear, I did throw myself out of bed and was able to put myself together enough to be seen in public.

I was worried that Fletcher wouldn’t do well with being groomed since he isn’t a huge fan of his bath time at home. But, it was something that needed done. So, Nolan and I left him in the care of the groomer and sped home to enjoy some Fletcher free time in the morning. Now, don’t get me wrong, we LOVE Fletcher and we may or may not treat him more like a baby than a dog. BUT, he constantly wants to be right next to us and sometimes we just want a break. It’s not a break from Fletcher himself that we want, it’s a break from his annoying habits… like scratching, biting, licking (the furniture) and his affinity for stealing the most comfy spot on the couch. So, we enjoyed a little bit of Fletcher-free time (but please don’t tell him).

When I picked him up, he didn’t seem distressed and he was definitely happy to see me! I had prepared myself for him to possibly not be as cute since I knew they might need to shave him (because of some tangles and mats). But let me tell you, even shaved… that dog is the cutest thing ever. He went from looking fluffy to sleek, black to grey, like a little baby to a young man… all from one session at the groomers.

Our little Fletcher is growing up so fast! But, then again, I guess that’s what they are supposed to do, right?

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